Getting To Know: Crystal Tooker


We are thrilled to have Artist, Shaman & Doula Crystal Tooker with us at the Radiant Soul Retreat this September 11th-13th. Crystal be helping us beautify the space with her amazing decor, and beautify the energy of the retreat by holding space in ceremony. She’ll also be offering private sessions for participants. We’ve asked her a few questions to help you get to know her.

You’ve trained in shamanism, energy healing modalities and are trained as a doula. What led you down this path?

I started as a doula first. I had had a friend that was really afraid to have her second child. I had given birth to twins and loved the birthing process. At that time i was also going to a weekly meditation. During a meditation I found myself wanting to become a midwife to help her out. Becoming a midwife by the time she had her baby was not going to be possible. So I became a doula. Shortly after that training I felt that I still was not prepared enough for her amount of fear, so I suggested a hypno class for her. She found Hypnobabies and I attended the class with her. From that point on I have been a hypno doula.
Shamanism came shortly after. My husband took the alter course and I saw a remarkable changes in him after each class, so shortly after that I started taking so animal portals and then started the altar class, which I am now finishing.

Did you always know you were a healer?

I don’t think I always thought that I was a healer, but in a way I always knew and trusted my ability to fix my issues and wanted to help women in birthing. What excited me about shamanism is it was all done by myself, it only included me, I was the only one that was going to know what I was working through. I took comfort in that. Once I started my alter class I’ve  found that I wanted to help others more apart from the birthing industry

You’re also an artist. You create amazing black light art and curate beautiful spaces for events and healing spaces, and you’lll be doing this again for the retreat! Were you always interested in art? Tell me about your process and where your inspiration comes from.

I found Blacklight responsive art through the party scene. I wanted to create certain pictures and then I just set my mind to it. I found a spray paint that was invisible and I could spray on my walls and it was only seeing in the dark. I was not very artistic before starting. just with practice I found what worked for me.

As a mom of two twin boys and an entrepreneur, how do you keep it all together?
It is all about perception. Some may think I have it all together all the time. and most of the time I do. meditation is an extremely powerful tool that has helped me out a tough times

You’ll be offering private sessions at the retreat. What will you be offering? What would a typical treatment be like?
I will be offering energy healing. During the session, any energy that needs to be released would be blown into a stone. I would find where the energy is trapped in the body and release it into the stone. I can also install bands of power and do a decoupling. a decoupling is when I balance the heart chakra and the sacral chakra to the heartbeat of the earth .

What is your favourite way to support women?
My favorite way to support woman would definitely be during the birthing process helping them prepare for a much easier experience and changing the pre-programmed mindset and that it has to be hard.

What was your most rewarding healing experience?

My most rewarding healing experience would be back when my children were about two years old. I had decided to go to a guided meditation. It was the first time ever going to a guided meditation and really meditating at all. At this point in my life I was extremely stressed out and could understand how a mother could abuse her children. I was at the end of my ropes. I went to the meditation and the next morning woke up a complete different person.

What keeps you feeling radiant? What was your most radiant moment?

I am like every other person out there feeling radiant comes and goes but the more often I meditate, go to a shaman class, and just take time for myself to dance keeps me feeling more balanced. Finding the core energies that have been causing me to not feel so vibrant and really seeing those energies and working on the issues that arise keep me growing and finding who I truly am. I don’t think I could pick one specific time that I had my most radiant healing. Generally anytime I take time for myself or figure something out that I needed to know about myself helps me to keep my glow.

Thank you so much Crystal! We can’t wait to have you help us birth this retreat into being!

I love life and everything in it. It's fun, and really, it's all about the love.

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