Getting To Know: Nina Infinity

Photo by Cadencia Photography

Photo by Cadencia Photography

Nina Infinity may be best known for her hoopdance teaching and performance art, with Infinity Hoopdance and Transflowmation,  but this amazing woman has so many amazing gifts to share with the world. We feel doubly blessed that she will be sharing both a Breath Of Bliss journey and a Delicious and Nutritious Workshop with us at our upcoming retreat September 11th-13th, 2015!

You’re a full time hoop dance performer, teacher and hoop maker. Sweet gig! How did you make this your reality?

When I first fell in love with hoopdance 8 years ago at Shambhala Music Festival, it instantly became a big part of my life. I spent many wonderful hours in my hoop, learning not only about hoopdance, but also about myself as a person, my body, my life, beliefs and purpose. I knew that one day I would teach hoopdance. I needed to share it’s magic with others! In February 2010, I traveled to California to train as an instructor with Christabel Zamor of HoopGirl, which empowered me with experience, knowledge and confidence. At first I started out by teaching one class a week while also ​serving in a restaurant. Over time the demand for classes grew and I began to teach and hand craft hoops full time. Meanwhile, I gained valuable performance experience while dancing with Vibe Tribe Gypsy Circus. I have since co-founded TransFlowmation Entertainment and have been enjoying the opportunity to work with incredible flow artists to create visually stunning fire and glow performances for a variety of different events!

Being an entrepreneur must keep you busy. How do you ensure you get enough self care time?

I start every day out with meditation and some type of movement, followed by a green superfood smoothie to give me a boost of nourishment and energy! I know that when I set aside even a small amount of time to still my mind, move my body and feed myself high quality nutrition, the benefits overflow into the rest of my day.

What self care practice is speaking to you most these days?

Lately I have been enjoying beautiful baths. I like to take time to create a special experience for myself with essential oils (my favorite is lavender), magnesium salts, a beeswax candle, crystals, soothing music and a heart warming book.

You’ll be leading a Breath of Bliss breath work session at the retreat which is not hoop dance related. How did you learn about this practice?

I first experienced Breath of Bliss at The Mermaid Retreat in Hawaii. During the session I received clear guidance that this was something that I ​need to share​ with others​. Breath of Bliss​ creator ​Christabel Zamor​ ​also ​trained me as a hoopdance instructor many years ago. I ​am very inspired by all that she has created in her life, the energy that she embodies, and her commitment to growth, discovery, sharing and authenticity. I resonate deeply with the mission of Breath of Bliss to help as many people as possible give and receive more love! My experiences with breathwork have guided me in opening my heart to love more deeply, forgiving​ and letting go​, feeling emotions fully​ and​ ​being more present. ​I look forward to sharing this offering with others at Radiant Soul!

You recently returned from Bali where you took your training. That must have been magical. Tell us about it!

​My trip to Bali was a truly beautiful and powerful experience! The training was two weeks, beginning with five days of ​”Self Love Immersion” with two breathworks per day, conscious coaching exercises and self care practices. It was a wonderful way to be immersed in breathwork on a daily basis and really dive into the benefits that are possible. During the third day, which was focused on loving our family, I experienced an incredibly powerful breathwork session in which I received profound clarity and understanding about my father, his childhood, his life’s choices and as a result I was able to deeply feel emotions, forgive and heal decades of hurt between us and expand into unconditional love. Throughout the session, I felt safe, supported and nurtured by the space that Christabel and her assistant Joann created, and therefore was able to surrender into this journey of forgiveness and love. And now as a facilitator, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to create a supporting atmosphere for others to surrender into.

What does the Breath of Bliss session entail?

​Our journey begins with movement, deep sharing, touching, conscious loving exercises and sound healing and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular connected breathing. The journey is guided by empowering messages, visualizations and specially selected music. A supportive space is held in which all are invited to soften and surrender to the breath, welcoming any and all emotions that arise and using them to come home to our true essence of pure love!

You will also be sharing a few of your favorite recipes during your Delicious and Nutritious workshop. What is your food philosophy?​

I am passionate about fresh, whole, alive, plant based foods! I love to learn about, grow, prepare, share and enjoy them. My daily meals always include a variety of fruit, vegetables and superfoods. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and view food as an exciting adventure! My Delicious & Nutritious workshops were born out of a desire to share my knowledge, what has worked for me, my tips and tricks to make food prep and storage easier, and of course some deliciously delectable treats! I’ve got some tasty goodies to share with everyone at the retreat!

Do you have a favorite recipe to share?

Since I will be sharing my absolute favorite recipes with you very soon at the retreat, I’m going to keep them a secret for now! But in the meantime, here is an unbelievably scrumptious looking recipe that I just found and want to try asap: Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles! Cookie Dough Truffles! 


I love life and everything in it. It's fun, and really, it's all about the love.

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