Getting To Know: Kacie Beluse Knight

photo by Cadensia Photography

photo by Cadensia Photography

Kacie Beluse Knight has a mission, and it’s to share love, light and joyful movement with the world. When Nicole asked her to Co-host the Radiant Soul Retreat, there was no hesitation to her emphatic YES! Kacie works as an artist in residence at elementary schools in Edmonton, but loves sharing sacred play with adult kids as well. She will be facilitating two workshops, Movement Meditation and an Introduction to the Elemental Forces of Creation, as well as offering Reiki sessions at the retreat. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better:

What was your first experience with energy or the spiritual world?

Wow, that’s a really tough question because I have just known things intuitively, and felt energy/spirit for as long as I can remember. One memory that stands out is when I was 16 and I was meditating with a musical track that was overlaid with loud, deep, long breaths. I breathed along with the track and my sense of self dissolved into unity consciousness, where I was one with all that is, and it was incredible. I had believed and known intellectually that we were all one for some time, but to actually experience it was to know it as an unshakable truth which has brought me so much peace and joy.

What does self care look like to you?

Self care to me is listening to my body and my intuition to know what I need in any given moment. One day it might be laying on the couch for hours with a good book and a fuzzy blanket, and at another time it might be going for a walk outside, or dancing my face of with my hoops and some funky tunes. My body has pretty specific needs for sleep, food, fresh air, exercise, fun, solitude and companionship as well, so I need to keep it all in balance or I’m not the most pleasant person to be around. Seriously, a hungry, sleep deprived Kacie is kind of scary, so I try to take care of myself as a service to the world.

What led you to work with the elements?

I started working with the elements, Earth- the physical realm, Air- the mental realm, Fire- the action realm, Water- the emotional realm and Spirit- the spiritual realm in 2009, when I trained as a Conscious Dance Facilitator with Lisa Michaels. I loved her material so much I went on to become a Creation Coach and Alchemical Creation Priestess with her as well. The elemental forces of creation have become my friends and allies. They represent all that is, both within us and out in the universe, and always have amazing information to share. Their insights are endless, and always exactly what I need to hear. I can’t wait to share more about them at the retreat!

Strange question, but do you have a favourite element, or one that is resonating most with you lately?

Definitely! It changes with my mood, but I always have an affinity with the element of Fire. I love it’s warmth, energy, illumination and transformational capacity. Fire is the realm of dance, full of change, passion, shamanic voyages and altered states of consciousness. I think it’s the most exciting element for sure!

You’re company is called Dancing into Being. What does that name mean to you? You must love to dance!

I do love to dance! Not only is it art that moves, but it’s also a path to personal mastery and magic. Through dance, you can take a thought, belief or idea, and bring it into your body, move it around and really feel it, until you become it. You can literally dance your dreams into being. It is creation and manifestation magic at it’s finest, which humanity has known about since the dawn of time. Some of the oldest creation myths tell of Goddesses dancing the universe into being.

A lot of people think of meditation as one thing, sitting with your legs crossed and maybe saying some oms. Tell me about the movement meditation you’ll be teaching at the retreat and how that practice came to be?

It actually developed out of my personal practice when I spent a year listening to everything my body had to say. My body told me it craved dedicated time to just move, stretch and feel whatever it needed to feel. The meditative aspect comes from the deep listening required to hear what your body is asking for. The workshop itself will be a guided movement journey of tuning into different areas of the body, noticing how they feel and how they would like to move. The guidance is merely suggestion and people are free to listen to or ignore what I am saying. Basically I will be holding space for you to connect more deeply to your body so you can honor whatever it needs. There will be music, and we will be moving from quiet, small movements to larger ones designed to wake the body up and get us ready for the rest of the day!

You’re very intuitive; did you always know how to listen to your intuition? How did you develop that?

Like I mentioned early, I always just knew things. Knowledge would come to me, fully formed, without me having to read or hear about it. I always trusted those ideas, but I didn’t always trust my gut feelings. After a kundalini awakening when I was 25, My third eye opened and I started to see more energy and beings, which scared me since I was living alone, so I shut that part down hard. When I was 26, I went to a medium with a friend and my Grannie came through loud and clear. She said I needed to trust my intuition. That sent me on a path of learning as much I could to develop all of my intuitive senses.I studied as much as I could, reading, taking courses and meditating. It turns out you can build your intuition like you build any muscle. It just takes practice and a willingness to trust yourself. Our bodies and spirits are constantly sending us information, but you have to learn to listen.

What is making you feel most radiant in your life these days?

Just looking at my life, and being grateful for how awesome it truly is makes me feel joyfully radiant. I am surrounded by amazing, loving, inspiring people all the time, and I get to share the healing gifts of movement and dance with the world. Life is awesome, and as more people wake up to the love revolution on the planet, more and more awesome will be coming our way!

Thanks Kacie, we can’t wait to see you at the retreat!

photo by Cadencia photography

photo by Cadencia photography

I love life and everything in it. It's fun, and really, it's all about the love.

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