Radiant Resources From Nina Infinity



We have more amazing resources to share with you today! Nina Infinity, of Infinity Hoopdance facilitated two incredible sessions at our Radiant Soul Retreat in September; The Delicious & Nutritious workshop as well as the Breath of Bliss Ceremony.

In the Delicious and Nutritious workshop Nina shared scrumptious smoothies and ridiculously tasty bliss balls with group. You can find a  link to her handout from the class where she shares her recipes and information on Superfoods here.

She also gave us quite a bit of information on how to find great ingredients for those recipes and places to get more ideas:

  • Her FAVE store: Earth’s General Store in Edmonton (9605-82 Avenue) for: superfoods, fresh produce, gluten free etc + natural, biodegradable, bulk cleaning supplies & personal care products!
  • Join the mailing lists at www.kriscarr.com and www.myvega.com/recipes for awesome recipes & tips
  • Join 30 day green smoothie challenge at www.simplegreensmoothies.com
  • Excellent Book: The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier (the source of many of the superfood facts shared on page 2 of the handout).

Nina also shared with us her playlist from the beautiful Breath of Bliss Ceremony: Breath of Bliss Playlist


To keep in touch with Nina’s many upcoming workshops, events and sales, you can sign up for her newsletter at www.infinityhoopdance.com, or like Infinity Hoopdance on Facebook.






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