Learn about our confirmed facilitators below. More will be announced in the coming months.

Nicole Rose | Rosehip Hoop Dance & Healing

Radiant Soul Nicole Nicole is a certified fitness leader and hoop dance instructor, a reiki practitioner and is passionate about living a radiant life.

Overcoming burnout, weight gain, digestive issues, mental illness and addiction has led Nicole to understand the importance of self care and how to integrate it into her daily life. On her journey to wellness, Nicole has learned a multitude of techniques to stay balanced because she has discovered that self care can mean something different every day.

Nicole is committed sharing her story and knowlege to help other women become their most radiant self.

What makes Nicole feel radiant?

Moving my body, whether it be dance, yoga or walking through a forest – when I move, my soul awakens to its radiant state. Nourishing my body with living food and fresh air helps me feel radiant. Practicing gratitude daily always makes me feel radiant!

Kacie Beluse Knight
| Dancing Into Being

Kacie headshotEqual parts dancer, teacher, mystic and healer, Kacie is an Alchemical Creation Priestess who is passionately devoted to her mission: to support you in your journey of radical self care and to inspire you to shine your radiant light as brightly as possible.

Kacie works throughout Western Canada hosting a variety of retreats, workshops, ceremonies and soul balancing sessions.

Her conscious dance, meditation and flow arts classes foster a connection between body, mind and spirit and support a healing transmission through joyful movement and sacred play.  Her energy healing and soul balancing sessions focus on connecting you to the elemental forces of creation and activating your highest potential.

What makes Kacie feel radiant?

Dance! Breathing deeply, I dance and gently caress my body as I move, as softly as you would a newborn baby or a lover. Delighting in the sensation of self adoration and self expression, I feel divine and oh so radiant!

Nina Infinity | Infinity Hoop Dance

nina-infinity-bali-2014-0401 resizeNina is the founder of Infinity Hoopdance, offering hoopdance classes, workshops, community events, hand crafted hoops and entertainment in Edmonton. Her classes are a blend of cutting edge moves, movement meditation, empowerment and enthusiasm. Nina loves to share her passion for hoopdance as a tool for self-discovery, creativity, mind-body connection and a path to bliss. It’s her mission to share it’s magic with others!

She is also a founding member of TransFlowmation, a flow arts performance troupe that specializes in high-energy shows blending amusing theatrics and mesmerizing circus talents. She is a highly skilled performer, weaving her dance with several props including multiple hoops, mini hoops, fire fans and staff.

Nina is ignited by the power of movement and endeavors to bring the transformative experience alive both on stage and in the classroom!

What makes Nina feel radiant?

I feel radiant when feel energized, balanced and healthy. I find that including nourishing and fun practices help me to achieve this, including: lovingly preparing and enjoying fresh, whole foods, practicing yoga and meditation, swimming like a mermaid, taking baths and most of all, DANCING to inspiring music!

Kelli Knight

Kelli_kins_newKelli started her career working with the body through coaching high level gymnastics, which inspired her to complete a bachelor of kinesiology. She is a certified personal trainer and has coached countless women on their weight loss journey, where she learned that there is so much more to the journey than the physical transformation. She started to incorporate concepts of self-love, acceptance, spirituality, emotional and mental health into a holistic package full of support, love and guidance.

Kelli completed her Master of Hypnotherapy course in the summer of 2014. She was finally able to truly help her clients in all ways – mind, body and spirit. She works in all areas of hypnotherapy, but has a special focus on past life regression for healing, discovery and self-love. She is now working towards becoming a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist where she will be able to guide people on the sacred journey to the other side.

What makes Kelli feel radiant?

Anastasia Kutt | Luminous Tranquility

Ana-35Anastasia Kutt, BSc is a microbiologist whose first career in the biotechnology industry left her with a stress-related burn out in 2004. Divinely guided to The Sanctuary in Thailand, Anastasia had her first awakening experience at an intense 4 day meditation retreat and was amazed at the incredible results. Her clenched stomach finally relaxed, the knots in her shoulders unwound, and she felt like a different person. She became dedicated to pursuing and understanding holistic therapies.

Since then, Anastasia has studied many forms of energy healing, breathwork, meditation, yoga, and growth experiences while continuing with her own healing journey. Anastasia is a Reiki Master teacher, a certified Trilotherapy practitioner, and a Yuen Method practitioner. She regularly teaches workshops such as “Reiki” and “Spoon Bending and the Power of Your Mind” at Healing Connections Wellness Center, and “Introduction to Tantric Sex” at the Travelling Tickle Trunk. Anastasia offers powerful energy healing treatments at Healing Connections Wellness Center in Edmonton at 10548-115 Street.

What makes Anastasia feel radiant?

By lighting your flame, mine becomes brighter. Through sharing with others what I have learned, by opening minds the way mine has been opened, by helping others see their beauty – this is how I become radiant.

Mobot | Whirling Grouse Movement Art

mobot vennMobot is an urban planner and policy-wonk by day and a hoop dancing flow addict by night. She melds 25 years of training in ballet and modern dance, 8 years of circus and hoop movement, and 12 years of hatha yoga explorations in her classes. Mo loves playing with dynamic balance in movement and is always seeking new ways of interacting with the world around her. She appreciates how her movement practices never cease to offer countless challenges to her coordination and creative process while, at the same time, provide a meditative space to relax her awareness and focus on feeling healthy, strong, and beautiful.
Mo has been whirling in Toronto since 2007 where she founded the annual In Flow Festival hoop dance retreat and kept busy collaborating with Well Rounded Hoops, Zero Gravity Circus and Circus Orange. She recently returned to Edmonton with lots of love to share.
What makes Mo feel radiant?
The world can seem like a rapidly moving place and there is so much magic to be discovered within slow stillness.  In exploring the space between words, movement, and breath, Mo connects deeply to the internal essence that all radiance flows from.
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