The retreat offers an opportunity to expand your awareness about a wide variety of mind, body and soul topics. This is just a taste of what will be offered. More workshops will be announced in the coming months.

New Moon Ceremony

What do you want to call into your life? We will cultivate your soul’s desires through sacred ceremony led by the Radiant Soul Women’s Retreat facilitators. This new moon falls on a solar eclipse too, so it will be extra powerful! If you’re not sure what you want to call into your life, prior to the ceremony, settle into your heart and listen to what wants to be heard. For the ceremony, you are invited to wear anything that makes you feel like the radiant goddess that you are. Weather permitting, the ceremony will take place outdoors.

Red Tent Temple

For ages, women have gathered together to honour our womanhood; and how lucky we are to continue this tradition at the retreat. The Red Tent Temple is a space to deeply nourish yourself, to connect with women, to support women and to be supported. Whatever you need most, find it in the Red Tent Temple – a space to be heard, a  a space to rest, a space to play (bring your instruments, journal, colouring books, art projects, dancing shoes, whatever!) – and if you feel called, wear something red to honour your blood and your lifeforce. If you are unfamiliar with Red Tent Temples, you can learn all about them in these Red Tent Temple FAQ’s. The Radiant Soul Retreat facilitators will intentionally open the space and guide you through the evening.

Energy Clearing Ceremony with Anastasia

During this powerful ceremony, Anastasia will create a sacred circle, charged with reiki, and we will invite our guides to support us on our journey. We will allow our highest, radiant vision of ourselves come forth. Then Anastasia will tune in and release what is holding us back from reaching this vision using the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Clearing. Some of these blocks have been passed along through our ancestors or past lives, some have been picked up along the way in this lifetime through the painful lessons we have learned. It is time to let these go and step into our full power with luminous tranquility.

Introduction to Tantric Sex with Anastasia

In Tantra, the divine masculine and the divine feminine come together in a beautiful energetic connection, gathering and sustaining high levels of energy, to reach enlightenment. During this workshop we will discuss this process and how you can achieve it – both on your own or with a partner. We will learn about the chakras, and how to move and sustain high levels of sensual / sexual energy in your body. We will discuss sensuality, erogenous zones, and opening yourself to bliss. We will learn about connection with your partner, and how you can work together to achieve full body orgasms, deep connection, and enlightenment experiences.

Trilotherapy with Anastasia

In Trilotherapy, you have two inner children – your mind (your thoughts), and your heart (how you feel), and when they disagree (“I SHOULD do this but I WANT this”), it causes stress.  Through meditation, you awaken an “inner parent” (your center) who can listen to your thoughts, and touch in with how you feel, and help bring inner peace between them.  It is a mixture of meditation (for the center), lessons about why people behave the way they do (for the mind), and heart based experiences.  To go with the flow of the retreat, the exercises planned will help participants learn to go with the flow of life and trust that everything is alright, and to connect with nature.  Trilotherapy Mantra: “Life is Beautiful, It’s Meant to Enjoy, Everything is Alright”.

Morning Movement Meditation with Kacie

A perfect way to start the day! We will begin by bringing our awareness into the present moment, and setting a conscious intention to create a connection between our body, mind and spirit. Through movement to music we will deepen that connection, and explore the energy channels running through us and out into the universe. There are no set movements or steps to follow, only suggestions of movements that may bring us into deeper awareness. We will be allowing our bodies to move, sway, stretch and be danced by the music. By opening ourselves to our internal rhythms, we set ourselves up for a joyful day, centered and grounded, ready to go forth and experience whatever life sends our way.

Energy Balancing With the Elements with Kacie

In this workshop, we will be using the elemental forces of creation as an archetypal structure to understand how to balance all the areas of our lives. In order to be radiantly healthy, balanced and happy, we need to make sure to nurture each of the elemental realms, which are: Earth: the physical realm, Water: the emotional realm, Air: the mental realm, Fire: the action realm and Spirit: the spiritual realm. We will also learn how we can get these realms work to together creating a unified field, in beautiful alignment with our natural, balanced essence and all of creation.

Mining your Akashic Records – A group hypnosis journey with Kelli

The term Akashic record comes from Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sky’, ‘space’, or ‘ether’. It is used to describe the chronicle of mystical knowledge that records both the past and present of all human thought and action converted into a non-physical plane of existence. Journey with us into your Akashic records where the soul’s complete history is retained in your subconscious mind and is available for you to access and take with you into your conscious mind in this lifetime for energetic and physical healing, transformational change and enhanced wisdom. Set your intention during this group hypnosis session to seek what your soul desires in this lifetime and you shall receive all that you aspire to be.

Awakening Flow with Mo

Begin your morning with this yoga sequence to awaken the body, mind, and senses.  In this flowing hatha practice postures (asana) are linked with the breath (pranayama) through movement.  When mindful body awareness and attention to the breath merge, the body’s natural vitality is awakened and enlivened.  Variations of postures will be offered to provide a range of movement suitable for all levels of experience.

* Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and a block if you have them.  There will be a limited number to share.

Bedtime Journey with Mo

A candlelit yoga practice shared on our first night as we settle into our temporary wild home outside of the city.  This slow and soothing meditative practice will provide space for stillness and connecting with your quiet awareness within.  Deep body listening and intuition will guide this journey with sequences exploring meditation and gentle, soothing movements with some supported restorative work.  Postures will have many variations making this workshop suitable for all levels of experience.

* Please bring a yoga mat, blanket(s), and a bolster if you have them.  There will be a limited number to share.

Intermediate/Advanceed Hoop Dance with Mo

In this hoop DANCE workshop we will be exploring the concept of Transitions and Stillness in our flow.  How do we move between different textures, techniques, and tempos?  How do we flow in shared spaces with other bodies?  How do we navigate the churning waters of movement that connect moments of stillness?

Beginner Hoop Dance with Nicole

Never hooped before? No worries. In this workshop we’ll cover the basics of hoop dance, getting comfortable with waist hooping and trying our hands at a few off body tricks. Hoops will be provided if you don’t have your own.

Radiant Flow Chakra Hoop Dance with Nicole

Embark on a dance journey through your chakras. Combining ecstatic and hoop dance, this workshop will leave you feeling radiant! We will balance and clear our chakras through dance, breath and sound, allowing our energy to flow freely and our vibes to rise. This workshop can be done with or without hoops (provided or bring your own), everyone is welcome, no experience necessary. You may want to bring a journal, something to lay on during savasana and water to drink. You definitely want to bring an open heart!

Breath of Bliss with Nina

Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness, sensation, emotion and presence. This dynamic experience begins with movement, deep sharing, touching, conscious loving exercises and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular, connected breathing. The journey is sensitively guided with empowering messages, music and sound healing which takes you even deeper into your experience. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of heart-opening, connection and awareness!

Nutritious & Delicious with Nina

Nourish your body temple with food! Discover the benefits of enjoying fresh whole foods and superfoods. Learn some simple tips to include them into your lifestyle and watch as we demonstrate some easy, decadently delicious recipes (you’ll get to taste too! Mmmmmmm.)

Bring a notebook to jot down inspirations. Recipe sheets will be provided. 

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